Thursday, December 22, 2011


This blog will exist simply as a place for me to write about games, with an emphasis on role-playing games. I don't really see it being of much interest to anybody beyond my own friends, but who knows? I am not that prolific a writer, so there is a fair chance that this project will simply die on the vine as my interest wanes.

The title, Neptune Rising, is sort of a poetic re-interpretation of astrological symbols. Don't take it too seriously. I am only passingly educated in astrology and a believer in a very "loosely-held" kind of way. I took to the notion of the planet Neptune's influence over the imagination and fantasy life and ran with it. I am aware that Neptune's influence is more far-ranging, just as I am aware that the planets can't be "rising" in the same sense that an astrological sign can. I simply like how it sounds and what it infers.

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